• Slim & Strong Manual – Learn my 3 secret pillars that teach you how to master your body, hormones, mind, training & nutrition.
  • Nutrition Guide – Take TOTAL CONTROL of your diet by making food your friend and not being overly restrictive with your nutrition.
  • Grocery Shopping Guide – Know exactly what foods you need to buy to support your hormones and body by following my easy-to-follow grocery shopping guide.
  • Advanced Metabolic Training Plan – My Advanced Metabolic Training Plan sends your metabolism into high gear and builds a strong, sexy body that you will be proud of!
  • Weekly Training Schedule – My weekly training schedule shows you exactly what you need to do daily and weekly so you can build a slim, fit physique WITHOUT spending hours in the gym.
  • Supplement Blueprint – I will break down exactly which supplements are worth your hard-earned money and explain how they benefit your goal of a slim, fit body!
  • Post Plan Metabolic Reboot -The Post Plan Metabolic Reboot will teach you how to come out of the diet stronger than ever without worrying about weight re-gain!
  • Metabolic Conditioning Workout Library – The Metabolic Conditioning Workout Library gives you a whopping 30 extra workouts to keep you busy after you complete the plan or if you simply want add some variety!
  • BONUS: No Gym Edition – In case you can’t make it to the gym, I adapted our advanced metabolic routines that give you strong, sexy curves from the comfort of your own home!
  • BONUS: Customizable Meal Plans – Don’t want to stress about what you should be eating? I did the hard work for you! My customizable meal plans seamlessly work together with the nutritional guidelines and give you an amazing variety of healthy, delicious meals!