Gateway to Fitness

Gateways to Fitness  gives you a solid platform upon which to achieve your fitness goals by starting with specially formulated, easy, quick, and FUN exercises that take as little as 5 minutes day to practice successfully!

“Gateways to Fitness” is unique among fitness programs: it has been synthesized by combining Western approaches with exercises derived from Yoga, Qigong and other Eastern disciplines into a systematic regimen which keeps oxygen flowing to your brain (oxygenation), maintains flexibily of both muscles and joints, and develops muscular strength.

  • Thorough, step-by-step instructions for each of the 30 exercises
  • Clear illustrations 
  • 10 adaptable modules addressing oxygenation, flexiblity, and muscular exercise 
  • Techniques for adapting the exercises to shifting schedules 
  • Discussions on attitude and positivity
  • Guides for developing fitness gradually, with relative ease